Forgetting in the Holy Quran


  • Sahba Mazhar Khalil
  • Abdel Moneim Ahmed Hussein


Holy Quran


The Noble Qur’an contains secrets that it does not contain, and there are rulings, lessons and sermons that cannot be compared to it. It is renewed from which scholars cannot be satisfied, and it is the miracle of the Noble Messenger (may God bless him and grant him peace). There was no greater blessing than the revelation of the Qur’an to this nation after the heavenly books were distorted and the divine laws were changed according to whims and interests. One of the main reasons that led me to choose this topic are: Forgetting is considered a blight on the human mind. Sometimes forgetting is considered a blessing that God Almighty bestowed upon His servants so that life could continue. The effect of forgetting in worship and the rulings that result from it.The conclusions of this research are: The first enemy of man is Satan. He is the one who urges him to forget, especially in matters of worship, such as heedlessness or omission in the number of units of prayer and others. Therefore, it is necessary to seek refuge from the accursed Satan always. Organization in life, because the person who organizes his life matters, this organization is reflected in the strength of his thinking and memory, so that forgetting is very rare for him.


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