• V Sri Sreshtaa
  • Dr. Anjaneyulu K


Dental Caries; Cariostatic Effect; Dairy Products; Milk; Dietary Sources; Anti Carcinogenic Properties; Benefits; Dental Health.


The study reviews the effect of intake of dairy products on the risk of dental caries. Dental caries (tooth decay) are a major health problem that is common all around the world, Milk and dairy products have been identified to possess anti - cariogenic activity. Milk products tend to reduce the influence of acids produced by the bacteria , due to their high buffering capacity, inorganic salts and proteins. The calcium in cheese, the calcium and phosphates in milk and other dairy products, help bring back minerals your teeth might have lost due to other foods and help rebuild tooth enamel. The various dietary sources of dairy products and their health benefits draws a conclusion that the sugar present in milk-lactose is least damaging to teeth.Several evidence suggests that milk and dairy product sources are “tooth friendly “ and they help in making teeth and jaw bone stronger. Dietary sources like fresh cream, butter, cheese, milk, ghee have improved the health of the developing dentition and reduced the risk of childhood caries as well. It is believed that the healthy bacteria found in yogurt helps protect your gums and teeth from disease and decay, as well as decreasing theoral levels of hydrogen sulfide which can lead to bad breath . This review emphasises on its cariostatic activity including all forms of dairy products like milk, butter, cheese, cottage cheese.


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