Christensen, W. 2005. Empire of ancient Egypt. – New York, Facts On File


  • S. Ikram


Although the audience for this book is unclear, it appears to be geared to young adults (about 13–15 years). It is divided into two parts of three chapters each, and runs to 119 pages, generously illustrated with black and white photographs, and enhanced by text boxes scattered throughout the work. The book has a brief time line, list for further reading, which includes both books and websites, a bibliography, and an index.

After an introduction the book starts with part I, focusing on the history of Egypt, divided into three chapters. Chapter 1 deals summarily with Egyptian history from the Predynastic to the end of the Second Intermediate Period. Chapter 2 continues with the New Kingdom, quickly followed by chapter 3, entitled ‘Egypt's Long Decline’, which briefly covers the remainder of Egyptian history through the Roman domination. Part I is, out of the two parts, by far the weaker. Part II deals with the society and culture of Egypt and is also divided into three chapters. Chapter 4 is concerned with Egyptian society, chapter 5 concentrates on everyday life, and chapter 6, the final chapter, covers Egyptian religion, science and culture. It concludes with an epilogue relating to modern Egypt. Part II is, on the whole, much better than part I. Read more...


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Empire of ancient Egypt




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