Goth Regier, W. 2005. Book of the Sphinx. – Stroud, Sutton Publishing


  • S. Ikram


If one picks up this book expecting a dry and thorough investigation into the history of the Great Sphinx of Giza, one would be in for a surprise. As the author states in his preface, this is a tribute to the Sphinx – not just the huge stone entity at Giza, but Oedipus's interrogator, and indeed other sphinxes in history, art, and literature. This book is more for those who suffer from Sphinxmania – perhaps a subdivision of Egyptomania, focusing on sphinxes.

This book is a romp through the world of the sphinx, inspired by the Sphinx at Giza. Herein we see cartoon sphinxes, paintings of sphinxes, extensive photographic records of the Giza Sphinx (a pity that some of the images are so small), political cartoons featuring the Sphinx, poems, ditties, and statues inspired by both Oedipus's sphinx and that of the Giza plateau. Read more...


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Book of the Sphinx




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