"Quality in European Higher Education"


  • Nuri Mohamed M. Otman


Quality Assurance, Quality in Higher Education, Universities, quality in European education.


The quality is a critical element in private enterprises, as well as for a large part of the sectors of society, as it assesses the administrations, flexibly and work conditions, and the relationship with the climate where they build up their exercises.

Hence, the organizations of advanced education can't be absolved from the significance of quality, which has been considered by the European institutions to promote the Quality Assurance Agencies in each country, and that much of them are evaluated on an ongoing basis by the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA).

Against this background, this article has as main objective the analysis of key parts of value affirmation in advanced education, playing out a concise outline of the key terms and highlighting the key aspects of the reports made by the ENQA.


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